The SMCNetZero Podcast investigates solutions to challenges regarding the green and digital transition of small & medium-sized cities (SMCs), hosted by “Smart in the City – The BABLE Podcast”. The Podcast series is designed for knowledge building, identifying main challenges and highlighting the successes of SMCs in addressing these challenges, serving as a source of inspiration for fellow SMCs working to achieve net zero emissions.

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SMCNetZero: “Supporting SMCs in their Decarbonisation Journey”Social ResponsibilityMobility

Podcast Episode #1

In this first episode of our SMCNetZero series, we welcomed back  Nikita Shetty, the UK and Ireland Lead at  BABLE Smart Cities, but also  Graham Colclough, Partner at  UrbanDNA, UK and  Rebecca Walsh, EU Projects Officer for the  Southern Regional Assembly in Ireland.

We asked them to tell us all about the  SMCNetZero Project, the decarbonisation of Small and Medium-sized Cities, the related challenges and the milestones and activities of the project, as well as its limitations and long-term vision.

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SMCNetZero Project: What Lessons Can Transfer from Larger Cities to SMCs?

Podcast Episode #2

In this second episode of our SMCNetZero series, we had the pleasure of talking with  Maria Vassilakou, Urban Strategist and Founder at  Vienna Solutions and member of the EU Horizon Mission experts board on Smart & Climate-Neutral Cities. She also served as Vienna’s Vice Mayor responsible for Urban Planning, Traffic & Transport, Climate Protection, Energy and Public Participation from November 2010 to July 2019. 

Our conversation with her focused on Vienna and the challenges and opportunities for Small and Medium-sized Cities in the context of decarbonisation.

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