Small-Medium Sized Cities Matter!​

Embark on a journey to empower your city towards a Net-Zero future. Join our exclusive series of capacity-building modules designed to equip your city with the knowledge, skills, and tools to begin or continue your Net Zero transition.

75% / 70% smaller cities the biggest market -> neglect at our peril! ​
75% GHG from cities, mostly buildings, and urban transport​
A 100,000-population city needs an additional ~€1 billion to be climate-neutral by 2030​

All three capacity-building modules will connect you and your city into a strong, European city-based network! Participate in our three modules to gain the tools and insights needed for rapid and efficient progress towards sustainability goals.

Navigating towards NetZero with Small Medium Sized Cities

All training is free of charge! 
Step 1: Planning Stage

5th March 2024​, 10:00 – 12:30 CET | Online

Strategic module based on Roadmap towards NetZero methodology, working with a cross-sectorial approach.

10th – 11th April 2024 | On-Site | Copenhagen, Denmark

Practical stage that works on the key enablers to supporting the development of Net Zero action planning through practical, city focussed knowledge exchange.

25th April 2024​, 10:00 – 12:30 CET | Online

Applying learnings in local environments with local examples – operational perspective.

All modules are relevant no matter how far you are on your NetZero journey – the learnings, tools and methodologies are adaptable to all situations and contexts. 

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Immerse yourself in best practice cases through a site visit to Europe’s leading living lab for smart and sustainable city solutions in DOLL, Copenhagen.

Tailored learning for various professions from Energy Efficiency to Mobility.

Get tools and methods to embark on or continue your Net Zero journey.

What will you gain?

Apply acquired knowledge in your local context.

Adapt global NetZero solutions to your city’s unique needs.

Why Participate?

Customised Learning Paths for Various Professions:

  • Tailor the training experience based on participants’ professions.
  • Specialized paths in Energy Efficiency, Mobility Transportation, and Digital Transformation cater to diverse professional backgrounds.

Learn from Best Practice City Cases and Site Visit in Europe’s leading living lab for smart cities, DOLL:

  • Provide best practice cases and practical insights through immersive site visit in Copenhagen.
  • Offer concrete examples of successful local implementations for a hands-on learning experience.
  • Gain and exchange knowledge with many other SMC’s in Europe on Net Zero initiatives, plans and methods.

Local Implementation of Learnings:

  • Encourage participants to apply acquired knowledge in their local contexts.
  • Facilitate the practical implementation of strategies learned during the training.

Localizing Global Solutions with NetZero Blueprints:

  • Guide participants on how to adapt global NetZero solutions to local contexts.
  • Provide blueprints for local implementation, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.