Energy Efficiency Module​

Delve into Smart Grid technologies and redefine energy efficiency. Harness the power of sustainable generation and storage solutions to lead your organization towards a net zero future.​

Mobility and Transport Module​

Explore Smart Mobility as a cornerstone of sustainable transport. Learn how to integrate eco-friendly practices, solutions and innovative business models to drive your city towards net zero emissions.

Digital Transformation module​

Transform urban environments with a digital-first approach. Uncover how data-driven strategies and smart city innovations can accelerate your journey to net zero, creating more sustainable, efficient urban ecosystems.

SMC NET ZERO x DOLL Visit – Itinerary

Wednesday the 10th of April

12:00 Arrival at DOLL Living Lab by own means of transportation
Address: Naverland 2, 2600 Glostrup
(See traveling guide)

17:00 bus from DOLL to the City Centre (pick up stop the following day)
Drop off at Copenhagen Town Hall / Danish Industry (see google maps coordinates/ picture on last page)

Possibility of going to your hotels or go around in the city (recommended hotels on last page

19:00 dinner at The Christiansborg Tower
Address: Christiansborg Slotsplads, 1218 København

Thursday the 11th of April

08:15 bus from Copenhagen Town Hall / Danish Industry to DOLL (same place as drop-off the evening before – see google maps coordinates and picture on the last page)

15:30 bus from DOLL to Copenhagen Town Hall / Danish Industry

Own means of transportation to board return flight.
(See traveling guide for transport to the airport)

Join us on the 10th-11th April!

Energy Efficiency Module​

Comprehensive Smart Grid Expertise

Acquire a strategic understanding of Smart Grids, including their deployment, technological options in energy generation and storage, and the intricacies of energy markets and policy regulations.

This knowledge is essential for leaders in making informed decisions on energy management and aligning with sustainability objectives. During the site visit in DOLL Living Lab we will take you on a captivating tour of state-of-the art energy solutions within intelligent outdoor lighting, that can support reducing CO2 emissions and energy reductions.​

Mobility and Transport Module​

Future Mobility Leadership

Gain insights into the evolution of mobility, focusing on Smart Mobility solutions and innovations. This module equips leaders with the knowledge to anticipate and strategically plan for future mobility trends, understanding global initiatives, challenges, and emerging business models in this sector.

During the site visit, you will experience novel digital and physical solutions within traffic that can support your city in higher safety, lower CO2 emissions and reduce time spent in traffic for e.g. public transport.

Digital Transformation Module​

Strategic Framework for Urban Digital Transformation

Understand the holistic impact of digital transformation in developing Smart Cities. This includes analysing the role of data and GIS, understanding citizen engagement, and exploring sustainable urban development strategies.

Leaders will gain critical insights for driving digital initiatives that align with the complex needs of modern urban environments. As part of the site visit give practical insights into how your city becomes more effective through the use of data – also looking into the developments and usefulness of digital twin.​

Site visit

Beyond Bricks and Mortar

Using Infrastructure Data to Build Smarter, Healthier and More Efficient Cities.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Traffic

Intelligent & Sustainable Solutions for Mobility, Road Use & Accessibility.

Intelligent Outdoor Lighting

Benefits, Applications, and Considerations for Urban Environments. 

Immerse yourself in best practice cases through a site visit to Europe’s leading living lab for smart and sustainable city solutions in DOLL, Copenhagen.

Tailored learning for various professions from Energy Efficiency to Mobility.

Get tools and methods to embark on or continue your Net Zero journey.

What will you gain?

Apply acquired knowledge in your local context.

Adapt global NetZero solutions to your city’s unique needs.

Why participate?

Innovative Finance, Business Models & Procurement

New Business Models, Financial Instruments & Funding Sources – these offer a means to shift from the current reliance on public funds – that cannot support investment needs to deliver 2030/50 targets – to more effective blended models.

Citizen Engagement & Living Labs

Societal Insight, Engagement & Participation – without bringing people along, changes will not stick!

Innovation Ecosystems to Reach NetZero

Digitalisation – data and modern technologies offer a reach and richness that can deliver step-change efficiencies and effectiveness for investments and in operations.


  • Senior level who also participated in the first module.​
  • The identified Net Zero Champion – someone who drives and translates the strategic level to a tactical and local level.​

There is room for more if the city has the budget to do so – preferably someone who is working more tactically such as a Climate Change Officer or similar:​

  • Transport and Mobility lead​
  • Environmental / sustainability lead​
  • Community engagement lead​
  • Digital lead​
  • Performance lead​
  • Finance lead​
  • Policy advisor ​

Travel Allowance for Enabling Stage​

As part of the EU-funded SMCNetZero Project, we are delighted to offer financial support to cover travel and accommodation expenses for SMCs interested in participating in our enabling stage. ​

Please remember that all training modules are provided at no cost. ​

If your organization needs financial assistance to engage in on-site activities and come to Copenhagen with us, please inform us by detailing the specific reasons in our Microsoft Forms.