Why participate?

5th March 2024​-Online

Strategic insights

Continue your journey towards NetZero through the development/enhancement of a city-specific Roadmap supporting your strategic development: 

  • Based on a Roadmap Framework, you will work with your city’s strategy, core command documents, and key initiatives in a systematic and holistic approach, addressing your city as an ecosystem recognising multiple interdependencies. ​
  • Designed to cover all elements that are key to the success of your NetZero strategy goals. ​
  • Module offers practical methods and tools to develop/upgrade/roll-out your NetZero strategy (or parts of it) and explore different funding options and internal and external communication approaches. ​
  • Discussion with other cities offers a stimulus for the exchange of practices.​

Practical implementation​

Work in groups with senior-level employees in European SMCs to discuss concrete tools, methods, and best practices.​

  • Preparation – ‘homework’​
  • Offer an innovative approach and tools, with an easy-to-communicate strategic framework to support Net Zero action ​
  • On-line breakout rooms to share your experiences and consolidate learning in plenary discussions: share contexts, city roadmaps and initiatives supporting NetZero ​

Immerse yourself in best practice cases through a site visit to Europe’s leading living lab for smart and sustainable city solutions in DOLL, Copenhagen.

Tailored learning for various professions from Energy Efficiency to Mobility.

Get tools and methods to embark on or continue your Net Zero journey.

What will you gain?

Apply acquired knowledge in your local context.

Adapt global NetZero solutions to your city’s unique needs.


Date: 5th of march 2024




2.5 Hours




  • Political representatives, Policy leads, &/or Senior staff with a mandate to shape NetZero actions. e.g.​
  • Political Portfolio Holder ​
  • Political Advisor/ Officer​
  • Senior Urban Planning Manager​
  • Head of Built Environment​
  • Sector managers e.g. Senior Transport and Mobility or Energy Manager​
  • Climate Change officer or equivalent​